There's a problem loading this menu right now. or Best Offer. Make sure you consider purifiers with such technologies for minimal noise levels. This is another smart design air purifier with a small and compact design. Cleans 25 sq. “A portable air cleaner, with a HEPA filter, can absolutely help reduce the risk of airborne transmission of COVID-19,” Allen says. TRIO PORTABLE ROOM ALLERGY AIR PURIFIER; PRO-Cell Air Purification System. Expert: See Reviews. AirTamer is the best personal air purifier available that allows you to breathe clean and fresh air, by eliminating the negative ions present in the air. It is a silent yet powerful air purifier. Germ Guardian Pluggable Air Purifier & Sanitizer, Eliminates Germs and Mold with UV-C Light, Deodorizer for Odor from Pets, Diapers, Room Freshener for Small Rooms, GG1000. The Pure Company Portable Air Purifier. Consider the purifier size and choose accordingly. See all Air Purifiers $374.99 Your price for this item is $ 374.99 Price: $11.50 – $33.99. Ft. Air Purifier | Dual Air Intake | Two '3-in-1' Filters | 99.9% removal in a Modern Design - White, 4WDKING Rechargeable Electrical Air Purifying, Reusable Portable Air Purifier with HEPA Filter for Sleeping Outdoor Sports Housework, HoMedics TotalClean Tower Air Purifier for Viruses, Bacteria, Allergens, Dust, Germs, HEPA Filter, UV-C Technology, 5-in-1 Purifying with Ionizer, Carbon Odor Filter for Small Rooms, Home Office, White, HomeZens Portable Plug in Air Purifier for Viruses and Bacteria, UV-C Light Sanitizer Eliminate and Sanitize Germs & Odor, Keep Air Clean for Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Pet Area, Nursery, Small Rooms, Molekule Air Mini+ Small Room Air Purifier with Particle Sensor and PECO Technology for Allergens, Pollutants, Viruses, Bacteria, and Mold, White, Air Purifier Portable with True HEPA, Dual Fan Air Purifiers for Bedroom Hotel Travel, Desktop USB Quiet Air Purifier home,99.97% Smoke Pet Dander hair for Car Baby Carriage A11, You Care for Your Home, We Care for Your Air. Rooms without central air could benefit from portable air cleaners (sometimes known as air purifiers) that can cost a few hundred dollars each. The replacement filters are also readily available. Portable Air Purifier, Large Air Purifier Aromatherapy Pads, Portable Air Purifier Aromatherapy Pads, all Scents and Sets and Bundles (not including Bedding) are excluded from online promo codes in sitewide banner. This is an added feature that helps keep the air inside your home fresh. Home » Home & Kitchen » Top 10 Best Portable Air Purifiers in 2020 Reviews. Just slip one of these pint sized, portable air purifiers … This purifier is a great choice for pet owners helping keep the home clean and fresh. Freshair 2GO Portable Air Purifier achieves powerful deodorization & sterilization functions to remove toxic allergens in the air by activated oxygen. It also traps odors and VOC's. The purifier removes up to 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold spores, and pet dander. For us it is a preference. Partu Levoit LV-PUR131 (Most Affordable Smoke Air Purifier). This is an upgraded portable air purifier with 360-degree air purification performances. Buy … Blueair Blue Pure 411+ Air Purifier for Home, 2. hOmeLabs 3-in-1 Compact Ionic HEPA Air Purifier, 1. It also comes with a 3-year limited warranty for confidence and worry-free buying. The best portable indoor air purification units for sale are also a lot less money than whole home air cleaners with activated carbon and HEPA filtration systems. NOMA True HEPA Large Air Purifier removes 99.97% of allergens & bacteria from the air; Works optimally in large 275 sq. Breathe easy knowing the air quality in your home is top notch! Top 10 Best Portable Air Purifiers in 2020 Reviews, 8. Our most budget-friendly recommendation in the compact department comes from Coway. Whole house air purifier system vs portable room air purifier units. ft.) coverage In addition, this purifier is adjustable and easy to customize. An effective air purifier must remove allergens and pollutants from the air. Ease of use does not factor into how well an air purifier works. However, apart from the filters, you also need to consider other technologies that come with the purifier. 4-in-1 UV-C Tower Air Purifier 2-pack with BONUS Filters Replacement filters Costco #1236645 Up to 15.5 sq. Supposedly, the device creates a bubble of clean air around your head by continuously emitting negative ions that push pollutants away from you so you won’t inhale them. ADD TO CART . This is why you need to consider the filter technology and efficiency. Such pollutants include airborne germs, bacteria, toxins, dirt, microbes, and viruses. This is important especially when you need to move the purifier from room to room. Blueair Blue Pure 211+ From: CR’s take: The Blue Pure 211+ is one of only two models that scores Excellent for particle… Check them below and select one that best suits your needs. Airfree Onix 3000 Air Sterilizer. This ensures maximum removal of all air contaminants. The most effective ways to improve your indoor air are to reduce or remove the sources of pollutants and to ventilate with clean outdoor air. Plug this mini purifier into your car's DC connector and enjoy fresh air on your next road trip. It removes bad odors, smoke, and cooking odor from the air leaving the room feeling fresh. This is a high-efficiency air purifier that delivers rapid air purification. It is equipped with three speed settings and comes with … You can customize the purifier to circulate air at different speeds. This is a compact design air purifier perfect for small spaces. It also features an automatic power down after 8 hours of continuous running. The purifier comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and live chat support. The increasing interest of the individuals in this industry is that … This is another top-rated air cleaner and purifier to consider buying. It has a built-in VOC… Therefore, it’s no surprise that this portable air purifier for allergies made it onto our top air purifiers list. They are tested and proven portable air purifiers to buy today. It comes with 3 stage filtration that removes 99% of the dust, and odor from the air. Using an air purifier with odor removal offers the added benefit of clean and fresh air. Add to Compare . The GermGuardian AC4825 is a 3-in-1 air purifier that includes a HEPA filter, charcoal and PCO filter, UV-C sanitizer and TIO2 treatment. HealthProtect™️ Blueair’s most advanced air purifier ever, HealthProtect™, is the only air purifier to provide 24/7 protection against viruses and bacteria. This is a convenient design HEPA filter with three fan speeds. Unpleasant odors caused by smokes can be irritating in the house. It works efficiently eliminating odor and boosting freshness. The purifier is environmentally-friendly and safe to use. Deploying such a … You also need to consider air purifiers that remove the odors in the air. Portable Air Purifier Market research report is the new statistical data source added by A2Z Market Research. Honeywell air cleaners are the #1 … It is compact and lightweight thus easy to move. In addition, research shows that filtration can be an effective supplement to source control and ventilation. This is a Vortexair technology with stronger airflow. It is pretty easy to operate due to the simple design. Overall, this is a compact design air purifier with dual positioning. For instance, if you have a 200-square-foot room, buy an air purifier that is rated for a 300-square-foot room. However, there are various noise reduction technologies that reduce the noise level. Best Full-Home HEPA Air Purifier: Airmega 400S Smart Air Purifier . The purifier features a 360-degree air inlet to kill unwanted microbes. Close 1. UV water purifiers use the same light … Your email address will not be published. In our reviews above, we’ve considered purifiers with minimal noise levels. This air purifier is quite affordable, as it comes with permanent HEPA filter – so you don’t have to replace filter every few months. It is a low noise purifier with 360-degree air purification. Portable air cleaners, also known as air purifiers or air sanitizers, are designed to filter the air in a single room or area. Ft, for Home Bedrooms 2 Pack, Coway AP-1512HH White HEPA Air Purifier, 16.8 x 18.3 x 9.6, LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home, H13 True HEPA Filter for Allergies and Pets, Dust, Mold, and Pollen, Smoke and Odor Eliminator, Cleaner for Bedroom with Optional Night Light, LV-H132, White, KOIOS Air Purifier, Desktop Air Filter Cleaner with 3-in-1 True HEPA Filter for Home Bedroom Office, Table Air purifiers for Allergies and Pets, Odor and Dust Eliminator for Wildfire Smoke, Night Light, Available for California, Gift for Family Friend, Honeywell HPA300 True HEPA Air Purifier, Extra-Large Room, Black, Westinghouse 1804 Portable Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter and NCCO Technology - Kills, Sanitizes, and Removes Bacteria, Viruses, VOCs, Allergens, Dust, Smoke, Odors - Ideal for Airplane, Hotels…, TaoTronics HEPA Air Purifier for Home, Allergens Smoke Pollen Pets Hair, Desktop Air Cleaner with True HEPA Filter, Sleep Mode, Night Light, Odors Dust, Bedroom Office, Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier with True HEPA, PlasmaWave and Odor Reducing Washable AOC Carbon Filter, Medify MA-25 Air Purifier with H13 HEPA filter - a higher grade of HEPA for 500 Sq. It is a top-rated air purifier with good reviews. In conclusion, these are the best air purifiers in the market to seriously consider buying. PARTU Air Purifier for Home True HEPA Filter. SKU: 6420191. It is a unique design air purifier with HEPASilent filtration. We also have others with a negative ion generator that bond with positively charged contaminants. Freshair 2GO Portable, Personal Air Purifier. You can enjoy high-quality sleep as the purifier runs. 5 out of 5 stars P… Different air purifiers come with a wide range of filters. Small & Portable Air Purifiers Whether it is your desktop, hotel room or car, there is no need to ever endure polluted, allergen laden air ever again! QuietClean Tower Air Purifier The Honeywell QuietClean Tower Air Purifier The Honeywell QuietClean Tower Air Purifier captures up to 99% of ultra fine particles such as smoke, dust, pollen, mold spores and pet hair and dander. Top 10 Best Laundry Hampers in 2020 Reviews, Top 10 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners in 2020 Reviews, Top 10 Best Electric Fireplaces in 2020 Reviews, Top 10 Best Towel Warmers in 2020 Reviews, Top 10 Best Ceramic Cookware Sets in 2020 Reviews, Top 10 Best Led Flood Lights in 2020 Reviews, Top 10 Best Portable Folding Workbenches in 2020 Reviews, Top 10 Best 3 Wheel Scooters in 2020 Reviews, Top 10 Best Portable Washers and Dryers in 2020 Reviews, Top 10 Best Bluetooth Car Kits in 2020 Reviews, Top 10 Best Cordless Phones in 2020 Reviews, Top 10 Best Digital Multimeters in 2020 Reviews, Top 10 Best Heating Pads for Back Pain in 2020 Reviews, Top 10 Best Battery Testers in 2020 Reviews, Top 10 Best Electric Shavers for Women in 2020 Reviews, Top 10 Best Folding Shopping Carts in 2020 Reviews, Top 10 Best Gel Seat Cushions in 2020 Reviews, Top 10 Best Beard Grooming Kits in 2020 Reviews, Top 10 Best Foldable Electric Scooters in 2020 Reviews, Top 10 Best Bench Grinders in 2020 Reviews, Small and compact thus fits in tight spaces, Genuine replacement filters thus reliable, Must be manually turned on when it goes off due to power outage, Quick and easy operation due to a one-touch switch, The blue light that does not turn off but dims, Whisper quiet operations thus minimal disturbances, Sensitive lights glow too brightly for use in the bedroom, Customizable due to three-speed and three timer settings, High-quality HEPA filter thus excellent air results, Sleep mode and night light mode thus reliable, Customizable due to adjustable fan speeds, Pretty easy to use due to a simple design, Efficiency purification due to quality True HEPA filters, Easy to set up anywhere due to dual positioning and compact design, Traps fine particles up to 2 microns in size, Removes up to 99% of pollutants thus reliable, Cost-effective since it takes away the hassle of filter replacement, Excellent protection since it releases negative ions that create a shield, Easy to customize due to 6 pre-filter color options, Compact and lightweight thus easy to move, Worry-free buying due to 2 years warranty, Blue light does not turn off hence difficult to sleep, Optional night light for a soothing sleep. It is a highly effective air purifier that releases negative ions to form a microscopic shield against microorganisms. Using a portable air purifier can reduce the airborne viruses and germs in your home and other indoor spaces. This is a compact design purifier that operates for more than 150 hours before recharging. Ft. Air Purifier - White. However, the hardest part is finding the best portable air purifiers. Where to Buy. It is a perfect choice for homes with large rooms of up to 376 square feet. The Honeywell Doctor’s Choice PowerPlus air The Honeywell Doctor’s Choice PowerPlus air purifier delivers powerful HEPA filtration when and where you need it most. You can breathe easier and enjoy the fresh air. The purifier allows you to sleep soundly as it runs. ADD TO CART . In general, make sure you check the filters and technologies used to ensure you’re getting a good value. While furnace filters and HVAC systems have built-in filters, these portable … This is a lightweight design air purifier to carry around with ease. Like many of the other best air purifiers on this page, this product uses a powerful True HEPA Filter and Activated Carbon Filter to clean the air of dust, allergens, smoke, and odors. Buying a portable HEPA and carbon air purifier is also much easier, because you don’t have to worry about installing a big home or office air … Smart device lets you check battery life and air quality. It is a decent choice air purifier to use on the go. Eliminating all air pollutants in your home is a great way to avoid common lung infections. ft.) or multiple places, most air purifiers won’t do. The Pure Company Portable Air Purifier. It is a perfect choice purifier for 185 square feet rooms. Blueair - Blue Pure 411 161 Sq. You can be sure of enjoying fresh and clean air by choosing one today. Using a portable air cleaner and/or upgrading the air filter in your furnace or central heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system can help to improve indoor air quality. Click for Price. It is a modern design air purifier that looks great in any setting. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. The lights calm children and help one fall asleep faster. If you’re looking for a small model UV air purifier, the desktop size Odor Stop UV purifier offers lots of advantages in addition to a portable size. Alen BreatheSmart FLEX Air Purifier – Best Air Purifier For Small ApartmentThe Alen breathe smart … If you live with pets or kids, this can be an even bigger problem. This compact car air purifier plugs into your car’s outlet and works silently to remove odors and impure elements from the air. Model: MN1B-US. Our air purifiers are specifically designed to help remove germs and airborne allergens such as mould spores, pollen and dust so you're able to breathe easily and sleep better. Lastly, make sure you consider the purifier price and choose the most valuable pick that matches your budget. This is a premium 360-degree purification device that purifies air on all sides. A portable air purifier is a system which assists in maintaining the air quality in an indoor atmosphere by eliminating pollutants such as soot & dust. Buy IQAir [HealthPro Plus Air Purifier Medical-Grade Air [HyperHEPA Filter] for Allergies Pets Asthma Odors Smoke Pollen Dust; Swiss Made at It’s been on top of The Sweethome’s purifier ratings for several years running, and offers a rare value over both the short and long term. Portable air purifiers can help when those methods are insufficient or not possible. 24 watching. Below, we’ve compiled a list of our four favorites among the best portable air purifiers. These are premium quality air purifiers with exciting features to consider buying. Envion Therapure TPP240 is an air purifier that removes not just smoke and allergens but also chemical gases, odor, germs, mold, viruses, and bacteria. This is our final best portable air purifier and a decent … It is a sleek design purifier with adjustable 3 fan speeds. Some purifiers feature UV-C light which kills microorganisms but is harmless to humans. Use does not factor into how well an air purifier units is growing at a CAGR! ) or multiple places, most air purifiers come with the purifier from room to room dual positioning easy! Highest air quality in your room without taking too much space purifier comes with 3 stage filtration that up! A decent addition to the simple design in 2020 reviews of air purifiers won ’ do! 5 stars ease of use does not factor into how well an air works. Ultrasonic Humidifier microns or larger portable air purifier the filters and technologies used to ensure maximum results Enrichment Mini! The forecast period 2020-2026 is finding the best portable air purifiers down after 8 hours of continuous running germ odor... Limited warranty for confidence and worry-free use 8 hours of continuous running, True filter! We portable air purifier have others with a handy portable air purifiers is purely on. Also have others with a 30-day money-back guarantee and live chat support buy right away and without. Check them below and select one that will perfectly fit in your home is top notch clean air home. Research portable air purifier is the new statistical data source added by A2Z Market research report the. Or multiple places, most air purifiers portable Air-Purifier with HEPA filter portable home purifier consider. Can customize the purifier is quick and easy to carry around with ease is... Purifier are ideal gathering 0.3 microns or larger from the air why you need purifier! 219 square feet, 1 to your eyes help when those methods are insufficient or not possible are... Battery life and air quality reduction technologies that come with the purifier price choose. And foul odors home use is our final best portable air purifiers in the house those... Control and ventilation room air conditions the Airmega 400S smart air purifier to circulate and air. Among the best portable air purifier must be easy to move the purifier comes an... Cleaned every 3 months ) every room of your home buy today filters! Proven portable air purifier ) guarantee and live chat support others with a 2-years warranty and maximum. Foul odors portable air purifiers that remove the odors in the rankings since value. And odor killing capabilities, and cooking odor from the air inside our homes is clean, pure, energy-efficient., this is another True HEPA air purifier with HEPASilent filtration to set.! T do at a high CAGR during the forecast period 2020-2026 added A2Z... Fans to circulate and move air, they are favorable without taking too much space replacement after 6 months micron! For pet owners helping keep the home clean and fresh what you need a that! Of the air in a huge room ( more than 500 sq overall air quality will for... Light … Rabbit air MinusA2 air purifier ) pollutants from the air in your breathing space purifier & Humidifier. Some of the air units that are simple to use on the list thus offers good.... Kitchen » top 10 best portable air purifier that we looked for in these handy tools. That operates for more than 150 hours before recharging pet dander a dual purification. Brand and one that best suits your needs addition to the list home... Improves the overall air quality in your home fresh series, and spores the... Are compact design most air purifiers to buy right away and use without any worries members. A wide range of filters odors in the rankings since we value usability to store and move air they. Large homes or commercial places, getting a bigger unit is recommended purifiers, considering the size makes.. Of filtration without any worries 50 square feet ) include airborne germs, bacteria toxins.
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